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Fought For Justice


Goldman for NY CD-10


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Dan Goldman has always fought for justice in law school. He went to Mississippi to work on a civil rights case at a naval shipyard. His research on racial disparities went into landmark work on equal justice in America. He's always worked in public service as a federal prosecutor in new york under Preet Bharara and then leading the impeachment of Donald trump. Running through it all as his commitment to equal rights under the law. Today we face an unprecedented crisis. Donald try trying to steal the next election in Congress, dan Goldman will protect our democracy in order to secure our fundamental rights defending the right to choose getting guns off our streets and taking on the N. R. A. Protecting our planet for all of our Children and making sure nobody, not even the president is above the law. Donald trump doesn't want dan Goldman and Congress, but we do. I'm dan Goldman and I approve this message because our democracy is worth fighting for
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