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Special Place


Beshear for KY Governor


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Kentucky is a special place. I see it everywhere I go. People putting aside their differences and looking out for each other. We've been through a lot these past four years and some days have been tougher than others, but I will always show up to help the people of Kentucky working to make sure our kids and grandkids have a bright future here bringing thousands of good paying jobs to the commonwealth. 46,000 more jobs than before the pandemic, clean drinking water to folks who've been overlooked and underserved and making sure communities across Kentucky have what they need to recover from natural disasters. My granddad and great granddad were preachers in this church. He was flattened by the tornadoes. But when Kentuckians get knocked down, we get right back up again and we rebuild stronger and better than before. I will never stop showing up and working for the people of Kentucky.
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