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Fetterman for PA Senate


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There's a lot of great towns in pennsylvania that feel like their community's best days were a generation ago. No one deserves to be abandoned. All these communities deserve to be helped. I grew up in york, moved to braddock to start a G E. D. Program had forgotten Steel town when two of his students were gunned down. John ran for mayor to stop the violence. John brought out the best in people. He gave people hope five years without a murder. The town of braddock is celebrating a milestone today. People are really starting to have hope. He runs for lieutenant governor. Reformed the office, Got rid of the L. G's mansion, saved taxpayers dollars. He's a different kind of character. I'll tell you. A democrat with backbone. Does the right thing no matter what? Never taking a single person for granted. Never taking a single place for granted. I'm john Fetterman and I approve this message.
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