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My Heart


Lundy for LA Governor


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My dad worked on the docks sometimes 16 hours a day. Mom made breakfast every morning for him at 5 a.m. She was a teacher. I had a paper route and then got promoted to throwing £100 sacks of rice. It was a good life. Football paid for college. I was small. It was like that later in the courtroom. I've always been on the side of David. Not Goliath later when I embraced God, it changed my heart. I'm Hunter Lundy. We have too much poverty. Raise the minimum wage. 80% of prisoners get out of jail. They need to learn to read and write or learn to trade, stop teaching for a test, get kids outside to learn people skills and character and people who wreck our air and water need to clean it up. Right now. These politicians aren't doing what works, but I will and I won't let you down.
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