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Peaceful Protest?


McConnell for KY Senate


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Does this look like a peaceful protest to you? My opponent I need McGrath says it iss a peaceful protest, vandalism, assault. On worse, McGrath says, it's un American to protect federal buildings from being burnt. I believe we have a duty to protect Americans from violence. It's devastating our communities. It starts with having the courage to say this isn't a peaceful protest, violent attempt to destroy our communities. It requires clarity. Say that radical ideas like de funding the police will not help victims. It will create Peaceful protesters. Don't use Molotov cocktails, toe have their voices heard they don't attempt a blind law enforcement officers with lasers in order to be seen and in Kentucky. WAY DOn't SEND SENATORS TOE Washington Like the judgment to stand up to violent mobs. Mitch McConnell and I approve this message
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