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Running For Ian


Trone for MD Senate


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Dot com, my nephew Ian Throne, he was struggling with substance use disorder. I worked with him for over five years through 28 day programs through recovery housing. How you deal with depression, how you deal with anxiety. That's part of it. He was arrested five times. People in addiction suffer mental health, they suffer arrests. All three have to be dealt with together. Ian died. He died in New Year's Eve 2016. He was 24. He didn't deserve that and none of us deserve that. And we've got an obligation because we all go up together and if we don't all rise together, we're gonna, we're gonna sink together, we're gonna pull everybody together. And this starts with those in the shadows. The least of us those that are struggling the most addiction, mental health, criminal justice for David Trone. It's personal, I'm David Trone and I approve this message.
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