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First came on the scene to use a pop culture term. He came out with the spotlight already on him. He won my vote. He flipped me from Independent to Republican and it was, it was a great four years now. The spotlight is just as heavy on him, but I feel like the light has shifted and it's a little bit darker, I think for 2024 Trump is not the most electable candidate when the Democrat party sees Trump. It's one of those things where it's like every time you turn on the news you're winning the lottery, they're like, look what he's doing this time. You're supposed to block when the other team kicks. You're not supposed to, you know, score against your own team. He probably doesn't wake up without 50 e mails from his attorneys about current or possible indictments. That's every day of his life now. And that kind of hurts me to say because I had Trump flags up in my house. I had one in my front yard like I was that guy. Not, not this time. I felt like I met my hero and he let me down. So when a backpack is responsible for the content of this ad.
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