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Our Best Shot


Trone for MD Senate


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Senate Democrats have a big problem talking about a margin of one vote, two term governor leading also Brooks, but Hogan is in a dead heat with David Trone. David Trone is the only candidate strong enough to beat Larry Hogan. David listens to people and he fights for what they need. He believes in opportunities and he's willing to fight for working people like us. He has worked for prescription drug affordability that I now can get my medication and pay my bills. David has been an advocate for reproductive freedom from the start. David's always been about second chances for everyone. Congressman troll pass the second chance act. I think he sees everyone as human being. David knows if you want to help students, hire more teachers. We have a former governor who is running for the party of Trump. The very rights that I've known my entire life are on the line. David David, David, David, David. David. David. David. David. David. David is our best shot to defeat Larry Hogan, period. I'm David Trone and I approve this message, Harry
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