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Fetterman for PA Senate


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Be good people have been trying to label me my entire life. I do not look like a typical politician. I don't even look like a typical person. John Fetterman knows pennsylvania through and through from york, played football and reading, raising his family in braddock, a steel town. He's looked different and been different his entire life as mayor Fetterman helped rebuild his town as lieutenant governor. He reformed the office. Now, the big guy is running for Senate to take on Washington. This is a race for the future of every community across pennsylvania for every small town or person that's felt left behind for every job left and factory closed for every person that works hard but can't get ahead as costs keep rising. Those decisions were made for us, by people that don't know us and that's exactly who we're running against. Pennsylvania is our home and it's worth fighting for. I'm john Fetterman and I approve this message.
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