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Ossoff for GA Senate


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Georgia is grateful for the doctors, nurses, first responders for those who sacrifice to keep the lights on to keep us fed, to keep us safe, to keep us moving for the teachers who have gone above and beyond for the love and support of our families. Everybody in Georgia is thankful for everyone who stepped up to get us through this year, and now it's time to step up for them to reunite our country and end this crisis. I'll work with Joe Biden to beat the virus, empowering medical experts to implement a national health strategy with free testing and vaccinations to provide immediate financial relief for working families and small businesses in an infrastructure and jobs program that will jump start our economy on. And when we get this done next year, it's Thanksgiving with the whole family to all who have given so much this year. Thank you. I'm John Ossoff and I approve this message. E had
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