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Edmund Pettus Bridge


Ossoff for GA Senate


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The right to vote for black Americans. In Selma, Alabama, 55 years ago, John Lewis was nearly killed as he and hundreds marched across this bridge that movements courage, secure, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. But the promise of equal justice in America remains unfulfilled. So together we'll fight for a new civil rights act and a new Voting Rights Act to ensure equal justice for all, no matter the color of our skin, to end racial profiling and police brutality and to stop anyone from suppressing the sacred right to vote. Congressman Lewis gave me my first job. He instilled in me the conviction to fight for justice, he said, to never give in, never give up, keep the faith and keep our eyes on the prize. I'm Jon Ossoff. I approve this message. Few, Many people struggle, suffering and die to make it impossible for every American potential slide that right through this crisis
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