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The Gold Standard


Johnson for MI Governor


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Yes. Meet guru. Perry johnson. He's not interested in the same things that excite you and me for. Perry It's statistics, motivation, quality, perfection when your car door closes, Just right. Thank Perry johnson. When you even have a job in the american auto industry, Thank Perry johnson. American automobiles weren't always the gold standard. Perry johnson literally wrote the book introducing I. S. 0. 9000 quality standards to the american automobile industry. Statistics made our cars world class. Perry for Gov. Can you really think of a profession more desperately in need of quality than government? Small towns ignored, nursing home deaths, cover ups, billions of unemployment fraud. Roads still broken. I brought quality to 61 countries. Let's do it here at home. What he did for our automobiles. He'll do for our government. Perry johnson quality guru. Governor for a perfect michigan.
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