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Feeling Squeezed


Kaptur for OH CD-09


Election Advertisements


Too many of us are feeling squeezed trying to keep up with all the bills and wondering why when the people in Washington care only about the coasts? How come nobody cares about us? I'm Marcy Kaptur and I do care. I worked with both parties to save our auto industry and parts suppliers throughout our region. Now I'm funding job and vocational training at our schools and community colleges because good jobs with benefits are how we support our families. I work with republicans to pass the largest increase in health benefits for veterans in history and help save the University of Toledo Medical Center because everyone should be able to get the care they need when they need it. And I've helped fund more than 100 new police officers to keep our neighborhoods safe because defunding the police is flat out wrong. I'm Marcy Kaptur and I approve this ad because I don't work for the folks in Washington or anyone else I work for you.
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