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This message new details tonight about accusations that continue to follow Senate candidate herschel walker walker's ex wife Cindy Grossman got a protective order against him. Her sister submitted an affidavit saying he stated unequivocally that he was going to shoot my sister Cindy put the gun to my temple. He had the gun right to your head. What did he say? I'm gonna blow your brains out over the years to other women have accused a Senate candidate of threats. A woman telling police she was very frightened of walker making threats to her and having her house watched. In another incident, a police report shows a woman who was involved in a relationship with walker said he told her that he was going to blow her head off at one point with a loaded pistol in his car. He admits he set out to kill a man over a trivial business dispute. Oh yeah, I didn't want to kill her. Yeah. He says he doesn't remember a lot of details of these. He may not, but I certainly do right now during the rooms to go
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