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Jason Miller


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Nate Jason Miller. He's a deadbeat dad, making over half a million dollars a year while fighting against just $3000 a month and financial support for his own child, a child he had following an affair he participated in despite being married. This is a man who has admitted hiring prostitutes for years, who had to step down from a job after he was accused of drugging a stripper with an abortion pill. Jason's character isn't some Washington rumor. It's a matter of court record. In deposition over his failure to pay child support, he was asked, You lied to your former mistress about sleeping with your current mistress, right? His answer. Correct. So who would still hire a guy like Jason Miller, especially as an adviser? Oh, Donald Trump had the best people in the world. I think we're doing an extraordinary job. You hit the nail on the head. The Lincoln Project is responsible for the content of this average
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