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How come your justice department goes after Trump endlessly yet they cover for your family. Hunter's laptop. Yeah, that was censored. But we know that laptop is real and it's not just filled with photos of Hunter's drug fueled debauchery. Either it showed Hunter pocketed millions from foreign partners, cash from Ukrainian and Chinese interests accused of bribery and fraud. And remember when you claimed your family never made money from China? Well, Hunter admitted in court he took their cash, his Chinese business partner was tied to the Communist Party. How did Hunter's partners get meetings at the White House? Your brother, grandkids, even nieces and nephews got paid from foreign deals, your family and their cronies raked in over 17 million from these schemes. And you, Joe went from being one of the poorest in Congress to a millionaire in the White House. Come on, Joe. All this a coincidence or corruption make America great. Again. Inc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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