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Georgians Deserve Leadership


Abrams for GA Governor


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In the last four years, I've seen more georgians face pain, face challenges when I didn't win the governor's race, not getting the job, didn't exempt me from the work. And so I didn't quit. I got back to work, paid off the medical debt of 68,000 Georgians helping small businesses stay alive, making sure they have the financing they needed and putting money into the pockets of families, trying my best to make sure that every Georgian had access and opportunity. I was raised that when you don't get what you want, you don't give up, you try again. You try because it's how things get better. It's how the world moves forward. I don't quit because georgians deserve leadership and that's what a leader does. That's the job of governor. I want one Georgia where everyone has the opportunity to rise together and everyone has the opportunity to thrive. And now let's get the job done.
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