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Shapiro for PA Governor


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Who is doug mass Triano? And does he speak for you? He wants to outlaw and criminalize all abortions. My body. My choice is ridiculous nonsense. He opposes any exceptions for rape, incest or even the life of the mother. I don't give a way for exceptions either. Mass Triano wants to ban gay marriage should gay marriage be legal? Absolutely not. And on climate change is global warming real? It is not, it's fake science. And on january 6th mass Triano was on capitol grounds as rioters breached the building and attacked law enforcement. Senator Doug Mass Triano was also accused of passing barricades and police lines as a mob took over the capitol building. Now, mass Triano says he could overturn future election results and let politicians hand pick the winners, ignoring the vote of the people. As governor, I get to decertify any or all machines in the state dug mass Triano. He's extreme and way too risky for pennsylvania.
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