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Put America First


Sheehy for MT Senate


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Viewing area. I will never forget how I felt on 9 11. That fateful day motivated me to serve our nation as a Navy seal. I met my wife in the military and we both served in Afghanistan after our service carmen and I moved to Montana to start a business and raise our family together. We built one of the largest aerial firefighting companies in America, created over 200 Montana jobs and started a veteran led cattle ranching and feeding operation. I'm Tim Sheehy, whether it was in war or business, I see problems and solve them. America needs conservative leaders who love our country and that's why I'm running for the United States Senate. I want to create a better future for my kids and your Children and grandchildren. Our campaign is about service God and country, not politics. As usual, Tim Sheehy. Navy seal, conservative family man, aerial firefighter, job creator Patriot. I'm Tim Sheehy. And I approve this message because I will always put America.
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