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Independent Fighter


Golden for ME CD-02


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Broken supply chain and high gas prices. Mainers everywhere are facing tough decisions about rising costs. Growing up as part of a small family business and leads, I learned what a struggling economy does to small businesses jobs into working class people and serving as a marine in Afghanistan. And Iraq taught me to stand strong for what's right in the face of adversity. I'm Jared Golden and that's why in Congress, I'm an independent voice for you, taking on my own party to stand up for main families. I was the only democrat to vote against trillions of dollars of President biden's agenda because I knew it would make inflation worse. I stood with law enforcement against defunding the police. I support cutting the gas tax and increasing domestic oil production. I'm working to lower prescription drug costs and standing firm against any cuts to Social Security and Medicare. I'll always be an independent fighter for you. I'm Jared golden. And this is my family. I approved this message because when it comes to doing what's right for your family, I'll never back down
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