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Hassan for NH Senate


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Our firstborn child lexi has cornelia de lange syndrome. She needs help with everything in her day to day life. When your child has a disability, you need to be tough. I see that toughness and Maggie Hassan, our son was born with cerebral palsy. The goal has always been for families like ours to raise a child who experiences severe disability. Just the way you would raise your other Children. Lexi likes to play the piano, she help cook dinner. How do we build home and community based care so that people with disabilities, people who are aging can enjoy their family, their community, go take an art class. Maggie hasn't better care, better jobs. Act will allow lexi to stay at home and not have to live in a nursing home. She can be out in the community more. That would mean so much to us helping families like lexie's all over the granite state. It's why I do the work. I'm Maggie Hassan and I approve this message.
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