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Blood On Their Hands


The Lincoln Project


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Rotunda. The remains of a brave man rest in a place of honor. His name was Officer Brian Sick, Nick and he died a hero. Now Brian Sick. Nick deserves justice. The mob that murdered on injured other Capitol police officers wasn't mindless. It was sent there. I don't know if I'll do the fighting myself or if other people will. It was a mob fed, a diet of lies, conspiracy and propaganda fantasies of stolen elections. Now the people who fed that mob are trying to escape responsibility. Donald Trump is responsible. Rudy Giuliani is responsible. Josh Holly is responsible. Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, Ron Johnson, Fox News NewsMax away in In They didn't strike the hundreds of blows that killed Brian Sick Neck and hurt his colleagues. But they told the lie that led their followers toe Act on. The blood is on their hands. The impossible is responsible for the content of this advertising
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