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Home Invasion


Ronchetti for NM Governor


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The girls and I were home alone and I saw the front door starting to shake. I heard the door slam downstairs and I knew somebody was in our house. The girls were very upset. I started crying because I was so scared. I knew that it would take seconds for somebody to come and do whatever they wanted to do to us. She said I have 911 on the line. The girls and I are in the closet. I've got the gun, it's aimed at the door. Please come home. I've never been more relieved, more happy to see those cops. So I opened the door and I looked at them and I just fell apart. Not every situation ends this way. Everybody seems to have a crime story. This is one of the biggest reasons I got into politics because we can't keep doing this. Governor Luhan Grisham has made it easier to be a criminal than a cop. She's released criminals from prison early and appointed soft on crime judges. My plan changes that. Starting with ending catch and release. I'm mark on Kenny and I approve this message. A car wreck
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