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Phillips for President


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I'm something of an expert on illusive creatures. So I challenged myself to find President Biden in New Hampshire during this primary season. I thought I was good at hiding. So I asked around, have you seen Joe? I mean, how can you have tens of thousands of people looking for you all the time and not one person finds you. I've looked for him everywhere. Even the Democratic primary debate. No, Joe, but I did keep seeing this guy, this guy, Dean Phillips who's everywhere. It's like he actually cared about what people were telling him a politician that cares. Well, that's scarcer than Joe Biden in New Hampshire. I started to wonder, I mean, has Joe Biden even been here at all? Never did find Joe Biden. Now, some big money super pac is telling us to vote for him. Why? Write him in when he's written us off. I'm Dean Phillips candidate for president and I approve this message.
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