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O'Dowd for CA Senate


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And I approved this message. You are watching actual videos of the Tesla full self driving technology as recorded by the drivers, from turning too tightly and hitting a pylon to swerving toward a pole, jesus, watch the bicyclist on the right, almost get hit before the driver takes over. Sometimes it seems that Tesla doesn't want the driver to take over. I'm trying, this driver had to hit the brakes when the Tesla didn't understand a detour sign. Okay here, it almost hit a truck. Obviously, I had to take over and here it swerves into an oncoming lane. Look at that. Often, the Tesla doesn't know what it wants to do, What is it doing or just doesn't know how to turn, jesus. Oh my God, Tesla's full self driving software for drivers and pedestrians. It's unsafe at any speed. Tell Congress to shut it down.
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