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Upton for MI CD-04


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Hey, it's fred Upton. I'm proud of my record of always putting our state nation and the constitution first. Common sense conservative policies on issues that matter. We've gotten results faster cures for awful diseases, tax relief for small businesses and I fought against trillions in new government spending that fuels inflation and hits all of our pocketbooks. I've worked to give law enforcement at the border and here at home the resources they need to keep us safe. And I know folks are tired of the gridlock back in D. C. Me too. I'm not afraid to take on anyone when they're wrong and work with anyone when they're right. We need a dialogue with those who differ to find better ways. If you want a rubber stamp as your congressman, I'm the wrong guy. But if you want someone committed to solving problems putting policy over politics, then I'm asking for your support. I'm fred Upton and I approved this message because I'll always fight for all of us.
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