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Coulda Been Worse


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Of sorrow, tears, anguish. A. R. Fifteen's everywhere for everyone. Even 18 year olds, santa fe school shooting el paso's walmart, Vivaldi massacre. Our Children, teachers, 376 officers, confused. Leaderless power grid, mismanagement, More die border shutdown supposedly for DPS to inspect trucks. Another political stunt gone wrong. Billions lost store shelves empty. Troopers find nothing. Education system craters, ban on all abortions, doctors choosing between healing and jail, Women's freedom taken away. Property taxes crush homeowners. Total tax is actually higher than California. Any one of these. A terrible shame for texas, All of these horrific signs. Something big is terribly terribly wrong. It could have been worse paid for by, it could have been worse. L. L. C. Who doesn't love free?
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