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Presley for MS Governor


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Folks who grew up the way I grew up, don't get a chance to run for governor. My daddy was murdered the first day. I was in the third grade and my mother was a widow and a single parent that struggled every single day just to pay the bills. I understand where working people are in Mississippi. Everybody cannot be born rich and lucky. And that's why you need a governor. That'll stand up for the people of Mississippi. Now I'm running this race on values that I learned in my small hometown where I was mayor, where I cut taxes twice a town that's near and dear to my heart. The values of small town leadership where in elected office you could do the things that help other people because that's what it's all about. Tate Reeves doesn't care anything about working people. If you can't write a campaign check, you're shut out of state government. So for all of those in Mississippi that are left out that Tate Reeves doesn't know exists when my name goes on the ballot in November, your name goes on the ballot in November.
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