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Who Is Desantis?


Republican Party of Florida 3 PAC (DeSantis, Moody, Petronis)


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I get asked all the time who is Ron de Santis? Well, he's the kid who grew up right here in florida, working his tail off, paying his own way through school, then volunteering to serve in the Navy and deploying to Iraq. He's the man who I fell in love with from the moment we met and he's the dad of three very rambunctious energetic Children. Mamie, our two year old little comedian Madison are beautiful, sweet, five year old and mason are four year old athlete. But if you want to know who Rhonda Santos really is when I was diagnosed with cancer and I was facing the battle for my life. He was the dad who took care of my Children when I couldn't, he was there to pick me off of the ground when I literally could not stand, he was there to fight for me when I didn't have the strength to fight for myself. That is who Ron de Santis is
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