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Violence Brings Distruction


Biden for President


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E. I want to make it absolutely clear. Writing is not protest ing. Looting is not pro tested. It's lawlessness plain and simple, and those who do it should be prosecuted. Fires are burning, and we have a president who fans the flames. You can't stop the violence because for years he's formatted. But is fair you to call on his own supporters. To stop acting as an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is. Violence will not bring. Change will only bring destruction. It's wrong in every way. If our president, my language would be less divisive. I've been looking to lower the temperature in this country, not raise it. Donald Trump is determined to instill fear in America because Donald Trump as fuel toe every fire. This is not who we are, I believe will be got it by the words of Pope John Paul. The second words drawn from description Be not afraid. I'm Joe Biden, and I approve this message
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