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Palin for AK CD-AL


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So I've got a question. You might be surprised by the answer. Who's the first governor to give an energy rebate and PFD if you're thinking Dunleavy guess again. Actually in 2008, Sarah Palin made sure we got a 1200 buck rebate and our dividend Now, Sarah's running for Congress because we need a fighter. Just like Don young take arctic policy. Icebreakers. Deepwater ports are military or how about vets in seniors? Sarah knows what we've sacrificed. She's here for us. Alaska has a drug abuse problem. Our domestic violence and suicide rates are heartbreaking economy, healthcare, supporting parents, kids and teachers. We need a champion in Washington. Someone tough. That's Sarah Palin. And just like with that rebate check, she'll always put Alaskans first. I'm Sarah Palin running for Congress. I approve this message paid for by Sarah for Alaska.
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