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Gaining Power


Morse for MA CD-01


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Louis, Subaru, Hadley. I grew up in Holy Awkward over there, and my dad still works at the same meatpacking plant that he did when I was a kid. I was elected mayor of Holyoke when I was 22. My entire life, Richie Neal has been in Congress. He's gotten more and more power but hasn't used it to help us. Instead, Neil has used his power to help big corporations, like when he killed a bill that would protect people from getting surprised. Medical does and those big corporations, Well, they're rewarded him with more money than anyone else in Congress. I'm running for Congress toe change that to make health care, a fundamental human right, to build an economy that works for everyone and to combat the opioid epidemic that has taken too many of our neighbors, including my own brother. If you send me to Congress, we won't be losing power will be gaining power because I'll take you to Washington with I'm Alex
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