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True To His Word


Bullock for MT Senate


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Mel has been a big part of the economy at three Forks, some of the best paying jobs in the area. When I got sold toe Big Foreign corporation, things changed. They want to cut our health care, but we refused to roll over. We're making them millions of dollars a year profit, but they locked us out. So we all get escorted out of the plan. And we were out of a job there, picketing in front of the talk mill. They were employed at French multinational amorous, locked them out. We reach out to the governor's office, he responded. Right away. Steve Bullock was there. From the get go to support us helped us get some benefits that we weren't getting. Governor Bullock held. True to his word, we reached out to Senator Steve Daines multiple times. Senator Daines never showed up. A multinational corporation apparently has his ear more than working people. Steve Bullock was side with the working people of Montana because that's what he's always done way. Need more leadership like that in Washington. I'm Steve Bullock that I approve this mess
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