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Unprecedented Times


Biden for President


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We're living in an unprecedented time in our nation's history. Too many people are feeling left out and unheard. They don't trust their government to protect them. And I've been traveling around the country listening to you on. I know you're worried about your job. Worried about how you'll keep a roof over your head, worried about the health of your Children, of your parents of your family. Right now the soul of our nation is at stake. And I wanted you to hear directly from me. I want you to know that, Joe. And I see. I want you to know that we will always tell you the truth. Way will always fight for you. We will fight every single day for your family and their safety. But we need your help. I'm asking for your support on Election Day. I'm asking for your vote. Together we can make progress together. Way will build back our nation better than before. I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message
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