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People Like Me


Warnock for GA Senate


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People like me aren't supposed to run for office. E grew up in the housing projects of Savannah. My mom is from Waycross. She spent her summers picking cotton and tobacco. Dad was a veteran, a small businessman and a preacher. They taught me the value of hard work. E was first in our family to graduate from a four year college earned a PhD on, was called to market the King Junior's Polka. As senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church. I've always thought my impact doesn't stop at the church door. That's where it starts fighting for affordable healthcare, fair wages to protect the dignity of work. This race for Senate is about who you think best represents you. If you're looking for a billionaire, I'm not your guy. But if you want someone who's been through some of the same challenges as you, I'm Raphael worn out, and it would be my honor to serve you. That's why I approve this message
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